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Multiply Your Business, Income and Time by 10x!




Xpreneur is a community platform, an institute and an agency, where Xperts in multiple business services and industries are collaborating and helping each other to multiply their business and income 10x as well as having flexible time.

Tempat Untuk Meningkatkan 10X Income dan Waktumu

Xpreneur Community

We are an Xclusive community of Xtra-ordinary Xperts with the X-factor and Xcellent Xperiences in each area of Xpertise, Xchanging services, collaborating and helping each other in Xciting affiliation to grow together for Xtreme benefits.


In Xpreneur we believe in partnering and making a multi-outsource community, instead of recruiting non-core resources. For Example: a Finance Xpert is not good in selling, a Sales Xpert is not good in Marketing, etc. We can help each other by helping and giving service to one another, and build our business together to serve the best service for clients.


Collaborating in Xpreneur Community makes the Xpreneurs unable to differentiate between Customer, Employee, Employer, Vendor, and Work Colleague, we are partners, we are Xpreneurs.


Xpreneur Institute


In Xpreneur Institute, we select and coach Xperts with Superpower and Xpert abilities, build, care, unite, equip and train, so they can control and unleash the potential of their Superpower Xpertise.

Xpreneur Institute also provides an Xciting Online Learning platform for Xperts to educate the market which will be their prospective customers.

Xpreneur Agency


We help businesses and corporations in Indonesia, Australia and the rest of the world by providing Business “Done-for-you” Services in Systemizing the Marketing, Sales, Operations & Admin, Human Capital, and Money.

Just like Uber where they connect the Driver and the User, or like Ebay where they connect the product Seller and the Consumer/user, Xpreneur Agency connects the Xpert Service Providers and the Business Users.

We provide our International clients with Ridiculously Low Budget yet High Quality managed remote team to help business leaders reduce the Time, Energy and Money on the unnecessary workload, therefore business leaders can focus on the most important part of the business.

Why Xpreneur Agency?


Fluent & Neutral English


Xperienced Xperts


Guaranteed Dollar Cost Saving


Third Party Managed Service Platform



Gamification System

virtual assistant

Virtual Admin Assistant


Work Reminder Service

Creative work

Creative Works






Sales Training


Sales Squad

Our Tagline: 5X = Xtraordinary Xciting Xcellent Xperience Xpertise

We believe by being more and Xtra than Ordinary, and yet with Xciting & fun way of work, we give Xcellent results, and along with Xperience we will have Xpertise.

Our Clients


Lightrees Group is striving to be the most strictly Excellent & Extraordinary, yet the most Exciting place for work, learn, and collaborate.



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